Travel agency - Aerre

Via Melchiorre Gioia, 131 - 20125 Milan
Phone (+ 39) 02.67382951
Fax (+39) 02.67386479
References: Alessandra Grasselli and Claudia Veraldi
Registered office
Via Achille Barilatti, 61 - 00144 Rome
Tel. (+39) 06.52247328
Fax (+39) 06.5205625

The Aerre Travel Agency specializes in the supply of various tourist services (e.g. hotel reservations in Italy and around the world), in the booking and issuing of air, sea and railway tickets, of tourist packages with all the best tour operators, as well as in the creation of customized tourist packages.
Discount applied:
3% on booking tourist packages with the main tour operators.

Graffiti Travel

Via Ettore Franceschini, 53B - 00155 Rome
Phone (+ 39) 06.40801412

Graffiti Travel has been making your dream trips come true for over twenty years! Always specialized in selecting quality content in the most remote corners of the world, we aim to give you inclusive and unforgettable experiences! Travel is the core of our dreams, the opportunity to cross the border to get out of the comfort zone and explore new realities. The in-depth knowledge of our destinations allows us to satisfy your every need with our tailor-made tours.

Travel types: luxury, wellness, safari, overland, adventure, exclusive, leisure groups, personalized, wedding, anniversaries, ceremonies, meetingsing, incentives, conferences, events, under 30 specials.
The 10% discount in the agreement is intended for employees of the University and the Polyclinic Foundation, students, family members of students, Alumni, those enrolled in the My Hospital program, blood donors and members of the Alberto Sordi Foundation and the Amici Association of the University, all holders of membership cards or badges.

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