In the prestigious setting of CIBUS Parma, the reference event for Italian agri-food, a team of first-year students from master's degree course in Food Science and Technology and Supply Chain Management participated in the competition Ecotrophelia Italy 2024 presenting their innovative food product, with nutritional, sensorial and eco-sustainable characteristics.

The team composed of Silvia Aversa, Maria Chiara Berardi, Beatrice De Martino, Martina Monticone e Italo Nunziata was admitted to the final stage of the competition, where they were able to present their prototype. "Creamulin" is the name of the elegant and innovative chocolate praline created by the 5, with a creamy filling with a characteristic green color given by the presence of spirulina and enriched with inulin, a prebiotic of plant origin. The students talked about the product and all the phases of their work, from the conception of the production process to the identification of nutritional characteristics, sensorial and eco-sustainability, up to market analysising and package designing.

>> L'Università Campus Bio-Medico di Roma has renewed the training offer for the academic year. 2024/2025 which aims to train professional figures with advanced skills in the food science and technology sector for the management, control, and development of products and processes within food supply chains. It is the Master's Degree Course in Food Science and Technology and Food Design (LM/70).

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A Ecotrophelia Italy 2024 all the finalist products were presented by teams of students from universities or ITS academies, evaluated and tasted by one jury of expert representatives of the agri-food industry, large-scale retail trade, professional associations and experts in nutrition and related to research bodies.

Participation in this competition represented an important training opportunity for the team, allowing them to apply the knowledge and skills acquired during your studies and get "played" in a national context of excellence, a showcase for agri-food companies from across the country.

Furthermore, Cibus Parma represents the largest food fair exclusively dedicated to professionals in the sector and in this edition it underlined theimportance of planning and the development of innovative foods, with a strong focus on technological aspects, of food design e environmental sustainability.