In support of education, research and assistance

The Rome Biomedical Campus University Foundation is a non-profit entity established under Italian law in 2015 with the objective of promoting scientific research and supporting Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome.

Led by Professor Paolo Arullani, Honorary President of the University, the Foundation intends to encourage the generosity and social responsibility of people and entities in order to generate long-term resources to support educational, research and assistance activities at the institution as well as its University Hospital.

The Foundation promotes knowledge, the interdisciplinary nature of the sciences and research in all fields which contribute to treating individuals, with a particular focus on the elderly and vulnerable through innovative and specific projects, in collaboration with businesses, institutions and the community. 

The Biomedical University Foundation promotes and administers an Endowment Fund - analogous to those established by the main private universities in G8 countries - to serve the mission, ideals of humanistic-scientific integration and international expansion which have from its very origins been the foundational principles of the Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome.